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Hi, This is my first post...I am a cutter who recently started self harming by getting so drunk and mixing iwith pills that iI lose my balance and fall...so far only deep beautiful bruises, mayb some boken bones later..I've have also thought about burning but haven't yet...any tips or comments would be welcome


(I gotta follow the rules too!!!)

I'm Veronica, I made this community, because there isn't anywhere that will trust you right of the bat. You have to work your way in by gaining the trust. I can't blame people for this though, I mean, SI isn't something that is acceptable in the world we live in. It's not 'Politically Correct' and it's not something people see everyday. Such is life.

I SI via cutting, although I'm thinking more about other things. I've tried burning, and have done things such as trip by not-so-accident. I SI to feel, I need the release and the sting. I need to see the blood, know that I am indeed still alive. It feels good to be in control of something, possitively.
SI is not about death to me. Not that the thought hasn't crossed my mind. But I feel It would be completely and totally wrong to hurt the people I love that much. To leave them behind in THAT way would be too cruel. I also feel that I have a reason to be here, and until I have figured out that reason and carried out what ever purpose I have, I can't in good conscience leave.

I don't know what else I can say, but I hope people who are needing a place to go can find some relief here.


I'm Veronica, the Mod.

This is my new community, I want a place to talk, to express, and a place for EVERYTHING.

This is a place for SI. Talk. Heal. Express.
I want it to be perfectly okay to give tips, to talk about being clean, to talk about how bad it is. If you want a place for these things too, then this comunity very well might be for you. Join or watch, see if it is!

Check out the Rules on the User Info page, please.



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